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Full sounds list:

- Achievement Unlocked!
- Afro Circus!
- Air Raid Siren!
- Alan Alan!
- All Aboard!
- All your base!
- Android phone is for porn!
- Angry Birds Theme!
- Another job well done!
- Arrow in the knee -short!
- Arrow in the knee!
- Ay Caramba!
- Back in Time!
- Badumtss!
- Balls of Steel!
- Barrel roll!
- Bazinga!
- Benny Hill!
- Bird is the word!
- Bond, James Bond!
- Boobies!
- Boom! Headshot!
- Bring on the trumpets!
- Burned!
- Capital One Goat!
- Cash Register!
- Cavalry charge!
- Cave Story!
- Censored!
- Challenge Accepted!
- Chan!
- Chan! Chan!
- Chewbacca!
- Chocolate!
- Chuck Testa!
- Clang (Law and order)!
- Colossus!
- Combobreaker!
- Consuela No No!
- Crickets!
- CSI! Yeahhh!
- Cuek!
- Demoman is Spy!
- Die, Potato!
- Dirtybit!
- Do you feel lucky, punk?!
- Does he look like a bitch!
- Doh!
- Don’t tase me, bro!
- Don’t You Wanna Taste!
- Dr. Octagonapus!
- Drama!
- Dramatic!
- Drogbaaa!
- Dude, could you be…!
- Dum Dum Gum Gum!
- Eins Zwei Drei Vier!
- English Motherfucker!
- Epic Meal Time Crow!
- Epic?!
- Ever Dance With The Devil?!
- Everyone!
- Evil Laugh!
- Excellent!
- Falcon punch!
- Fascinating!
- Fatality!
- Finish him!
- Flying Bird!
- Fuck off!
- Fus Ro Dah!
- Game over man!
- Gangnam Style!
- Gay Fish!
- Get out of here Dewey!
- Get over here!
- Get That Corn Out of My Face!
- Get The Fuck Out My Face!
- Get to the Chopper!
- Giggity Giggity!
- Godzilla roar!
- Gong!
- Good news, everyone!
- Goody Little Two Shoes!
- Great Scott!
- Great Success!
- Gunshots!
- Ha Gaaay!
- ha ha!
- Hadouken!
- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah! Long!
- Happy Tree Friends!
- Hasta La Vista Baby!
- Headshot!
- Heh heh Alright!
- Helloooo!
- Hey Apple!
- Hide Yo Kids!
- High Five!
- Hold it!
- Hollow Ichigo Laugh!
- Howard Dean’s Scream!
- I am the Great Cornholio!
- I Can See The Future!
- I Can’t Belive That Happend!
- I don’t want to live on this planet!
- I have a bad feeling!
- I Just Wanted to Cuddle!
- I like trains!
- I like turtles!
- I See Dead People!
- I want to play a game!
- I Was Frozen Today!
- I’ll be back!
- I’ll make him an offer!
- I’m Bad Ass!
- I’m Old Gregg Long!
- I’m Old Gregg!
- I’m Rick James!
- I’m Your Father!
- In America!
- Internet is for porn!
- It’s a trap!
- It’s a Very Nice!
- It’s gone!
- It’s morphin time!
- It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
- It’s Time To Duel!
- Jeopardy!
- Just Can’t Get Enough!
- Just Do It!
- Kame hame ha!
- Kelso Burn!
- Keyboard cat!
- Khaaaaan!
- Kyle’s mom is a bitch!
- Lalalala!
- Lazor!
- Leave Britney alone!
- Leeroy Jenkins!
- Legendary!
- Light Saber On!
- Live or die!
- Looney Tunes!
- Lotsa Spaghetti!
- M. Bison Of course!
- M. Bison Yes Yes!
- Mah Boi!
- Makin’ bacon Pancakes!
- Mario!
- Mery Xmas you filthy animal!
- Metal Gear Solid!
- Mine Turtle Hello!
- Monsieur Hood!
- Monster kill!
- Mos Eisley Cantina!
- Motherfucking snakes!
- Mudkip!!
- Murloc!
- Musical Doodle!
- My leg!
- My Mom!
- Narwhals!
- Nazgul Scream!
- NBA!
- Nein!
- Nemesis Stars!
- Nerds laugh!
- Night Vision!
- Nightime Daytime!
- No Running Around The Pool!
- No, This Is Patrick!
- Nyan Cat!
- Objection!
- Oh Long Johnson!
- Oh My Dayum!
- Oh My God I don’t care!
- Oh My God Trampoline!
- Oh My God Who the Hell Cares!
- Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
- Oh My God!
- Oh my!
- Oh Piece of Candy!
- Oh yeah, wake up, Yeah!
- Ommmmm!
- One Million Dollars!
- Over9000!
- Pastaaa!
- Patric Star Lelelele!
- Pedobear Song!
- Penny!
- Peter Griffin!
- Pikachu!
- Pingas!
- Pirate!
- Pokeball Sound!
- Protect The Darkness!
- Punish Him!
- Put That Cookie Down!
- R2 D2!
- Rabbids!
- Ray Liotta laugh!
- Resident Evil!
- Respect My Authoritah!
- Riiight!
- Sad trombone!
- Sad tuba!
- Safety Torch!
- Sax guy!
- Screw you guys I’m going home!
- Scuse Me While I Whip This Out!
- Shut Up and Take My Money!
- Shut up!
- Silence, I kill You!
- Spanish Inquisition (long)!
- Spanish Inquisition (short)!
- Spare some shange!
- Spider Pig!
- Spin With me Chris!
- Star Wars! Noooo!
- Swanee!
- T-Shirt time!
- Tada!
- Tardis!
- Ted Williams Voice!
- That what she said!
- That’s huge bitch!
- The Balls Are Inert!
- The Twilight Zone!
- They drew first blood!
- They Think I Don’t Know About Gospel!
- This is my boomstick!
- This is Sparta!
- Timmy!
- Tomb Rider AoD!
- trollololol!
- Trunks Goes Insane!
- Tumbleweed!
- Uncle fucker!!
- Victory FF!
- Vuvuzela!
- Wakawaka!
- Walk Into Mordor!
- Wanna Hear Annoying Sound?!
- Wassup!
- We Are Anonymous!
- Welly, Welly, Well!
- What the F***!
- What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie!
- Whip!
- Who is your daddy?!
- Who Wants To Hear Funny-ass Joke!
- Whoop Whoop Whoop!
- Why so serious!
- Wilhelm Scream!
- Wololo!
- Woohoo!
- Wrong!
- Yay!
- Yeah buddy!
- Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!
- You are so dumb!
- You Ate This Pie!
- You must die!
- You Pissed Me Off!
- You shall not pass!
- Zelda: Item!
- Zelda: Secret!
- Zoidberg Jesus!

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  • Kshaadoo  says:

    Your app is awesome, made my day! Me and my friends laughed, please continue to update ;)
    Nice work.

  • TAMMY  says:


  • Riley  says:

    Could u please make one avalible in the amazon apps store? Please? Ive been like freaking dieing to get this app but it wont let me on the android market D:

  • EmilYo  says:

    Riley: I send this application to Amazon review process, but it get negative review and it’s not accepted.

  • carie  says:

    Love this app!!!!

  • Damien  says:

    Can u add a spaghetti butten

    • EmilYo  says:

      Please send me ( a link for youtube movie with this sound.

  • Damien  says:

    i ment button and ok

  • brgbrand  says:

    Can you make a button for the spagetti cat or whats its name, you find it on youtube.

  • Ben  says:

    Hey great app but please. please can you take this to the app store for IOS devices. I would happily pay 69p for this app. Having used the other sound board apps this is the best one and I cant use it since its only android. :( you guys would be doing yourselves massive favors going on IOS. No one else touches your humor for sound boards yet. so go for it :)

    • EmilYo  says:

      Hello Ben,
      Thank you for your warm words. To write apps on iOS I must have Apple computer. I started to watching for one, so maybe some day OMG! Button! land on iOS :) Keep your finger crossed.

    • EmilYo  says:

      Hello Ben. OMG! Button! is now on iTunes!-button!/id550896826 :)

  • dave  says:

    where is the sound WHAT THE F*** from?

  • Edward  says:

    hi, I love your app,it’s awesome, could you add a “Seinfeld bass” sound? it’d be great

  • anthony  says:

    Can you do more pauly d sayings please

  • THE Fox Rivera  says:

    Hey, i love this app so much, you should add more voices from Asdf movie, Ooo can you maybe add some from eddsWorld and more from Laser collection, please :) I know youll get more hits with these!! Message me from my email, if you have questions,

    KIMCHI! :3

  • derpasaurus  says:

    Nice app! Love it!

    But I was wondering if we will see a ‘woop woop woop’ sound sometime?
    The Zoidberg one that is, of course.

  • TheDoctor  says:

    Great app!, i use it on my phone a lot, im just wondering, will there be the TARDIS wooshing sound effect from Doctor Who, cause that would be awesome

  • Michael Robert Brown  says:

    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I searched for one on facebook or twitter but could not discover one, I’d really like to become a fan!

  • francesco condomitti  says:

    Can you add the OH MY DAYUM from the five men’s burger’s review?

  • [...] At least 150 sounds must be included in the app and a full list can be found on the OMG! Button! listing page. In contrast to early soundboards, this app stores all of the sounds locally, preventing data usage [...]

  • Kelli  says:

    SWEET BROWN!!!!!!!!

  • Jonny  says:

    whats the “protect the darkness” from

    • EmilYo  says:

      It’s from The Darkness II. It’s Mike Patton great voice acting.

  • shaf alvi  says:

    great app but please add the simpsons wohoo sound

  • Damien  says:

    is there a gunshot sound? if not you should add one :P

  • Damien  says:

    and also i think the app for iphone and ipod should be free :o

  • brandon  says:

    You should add cartman from south park saying whatever I do what I want

  • Mai Myers  says:

    Can you make one that has funny sating adventure time? Great app btw!

  • Mai Myers  says:


  • Philippe  says:

    I need so much the button avada kedavra when voldmort used in Harry in his voice

  • Puga  says:

    Harlem Shake anyone? Or Riverside MothaFucka?

  • erik  says:

    can you put the theme from the show The Whitest Kids U’ Know

  • Morris  says:

    Could someone tell me where the Eins, zwei, drei, vier sound is from?

  • Morris  says:

    Thank you :)

  • Alexis ftw  says:

    You u guys please add the OH-UH RETARD ALERT! Button please!!!

  • Alexis ftw  says:

    And a DERP button too thanks guy!!!

  • Alexis ftw  says:

    And maybe te button when cleveland says “THATS NASTY” omg best app ever 5 star review in app store!

    • EmilYo  says:

      Thank you. I look for this three when preparing new update.

      • Alexisftw  says:

        Thanks :)

  • Sonja  says:

    Hi,I downlouded this app in ios…Why can’t i save the ringtones??And why can’t use them in imovie?

    • sonja  says:

      I forgot i don’t have a iphone but i have ipod touch

    • EmilYo  says:

      Look for FAQ section on this site. iOS ecosystem don’t allow apps to mess in system settings etc.

  • Félix  says:

    its t-shitrt timeeeee

  • too  says:

    Make it for Windows phone, instead of make updates !

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