[iOS][Android] OMG! Button! August update

New version of OMG! Button! is knocking to your doorsteps. Look what it brings:

  • Bowser Laught 1!
  • Bowser Laught 2!
  • Bruh!
  • Go F*** Yourself!
  • Hulk Smash!
  • I’m Batman!
  • It’s Clobberin’ Time!
  • Lex Luthor Wrong!
  • More!
  • Nope!
  • No, That Would Be Mother!
  • Pootis!
  • Surprise Motherf***!
  • You Have Fail This City!
  • Your Mother!

Look for it on Android and iOS.

2 comments to [iOS][Android] OMG! Button! August update

  • Zoltan  says:

    Whats the deal? Android you can set sounds as ringtones and alerts, iOS you can’t ? And you have to pay for app on iOS ??

    • EmilYo  says:

      Hey, did you even try to find API for this function on iOS, or did you start complain immediately? For your information, there is no API for this on iOS. And yes, you have to pay one dolar for that. I had to pay 2k dolars for computer to write this app.

      Befor your next grumble I’ll inform you that: Updates for OMG! Button! on iOS are now blocked by Apple Review Team due legal reasons. I will try to fix this, but for now, new updates will show only on Android devices (From home page of OMG! Button! in case that you didn’t notice).

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