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  • Troy  says:

    Great app. One request might be the ‘allen! allen!’ sound from that youtube animal video, but other than that you’re doing great

  • HiRN..ToT  says:

    Hey Guys,
    is it possible to use the Button-Widget on SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace? I cant find it in Menu->Add->Widgets->?
    pls help me.


  • EmilYo  says:

    @HiRN..ToT: I answered to your question on FAQ page.

  • nancy  says:

    The ad covers how to make a button a ringtone help can the buttons be individual sound buttons on as a. Text sound

  • EmilYo  says:

    nancy: just long press button that you want set as ringtone.

    • Kim  says:

      That doesn’t work for me? what am I missing?

  • Sam  says:

    Hey, great app, can you add some off the lines from the movie “click”? (i taste shit, fuck yeah (chinese guy), holy motherf…)

  • Glenniboy  says:

    Awesome app i love it i hv one request could u plz ad like a boss and me gusta

  • Flowy  says:

    Can you add sending the sounds?
    Cause i want to have some of them on my pc to use them for smacktalk,etc.

  • EmwyChan  says:

    i love the app my boyfriend taunts me with it all the time! i was wondering if you could put some of the sounds on the site for download so i could put them on my crapy cell phone! n_n

  • LiSu  says:

    PL… Proszę aby w następnej aktualizacji został zamieszczony przycisk z tekstem czesia (gdy jedzie andżelikę[dostępne na yt])

  • Kimchi1  says:

    Hi I really love this app, I use the buttons at perfect moments like the “that’s what she said!” But may I ask for a few, perhaps the full Mine Turtle song?
    And a few from the Youtube hit Eddsworld? I have asked a few of my friends to download this app and have ask each other the same thing. You have put ASDFmovie lines but not Eddsworld, it has the same guy in it. Please if you could put a few, that would be great^^
    Kimchi/Fox :)

  • leydrewle  says:

    can you please put chocolate chocolate! from sponge bob

  • leydrewle  says:

    Please put trunks goes insane

  • leydrewle  says:

    and please put i mean “you no harm” from gonzossm

  • Ronny  says:

    it was good when you made “” song into the omg! button! liberary

  • mila  says:

    You guys should add the Jurassic park satellite ringtone.

  • Anders  says:

    I am missing a “slow clap” button. If you would add that i would be overly joyed!

  • Steyn  says:

    My tip and request is: You touch my tralala mm my ding ding dong. From the song of Gunther!! :)

  • Nicholas  says:

    Everybody I know that has an android is told about this app. I love this app.could I make a request? In your next update could you add “No daddy no!” From Mr Deeds? There’s a 20 second video of it on you tube.

    • EmilYo  says:

      Ok, I take a look in next update.

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